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Good, Instead of Grief: Beau's Birthday

I think what every grieving parent wants is for their child to be remembered and for their child’s life to make an impact or create something good in the world. For some small amount of goodness to counteract their grief. As we approach our third year without Beau (died July 29, delivered into our arms July 30), we are once again humbly asking that donations be made in Beau’s name.

The Aleksander Fund. This fund will allow another grieving heart to heal a little, rest a little, and love a little at a Jennifer Pastiloff retreat. As a recipient of this scholarship, I can truly say that Aleksander’s life has impacted mine immensely. We pray that Beau’s might work in conjunction with Aleksander’s to help send others on this incredible journey. Even $5 or $10 that you might’ve spent on a birthday card or gift for Beau will make an impact. Aleksander's birth date was also this week, making donations at this time even more meaningful.

A new resource for grieving parents, the book: Surviving My First Year of Child Loss, due to be published this September. It is a collection of stories written by grieving parents. My essay about how yoga changed the way I was grieving will be included. Our hope is to get this book into the hands of newly grieving parents around the world. Your donation of at least $10 will be enough to give one book to someone who has recently lost a child. You may also consider pre-ordering the book: 100% of funds will go towards the publication & distribution of this book. This a not-for-profit project.

OR- please consider doing something extra kind and loving this weekend. Spread some joy around. Make someone smile. Make someone laugh. Counteract grief with love. These are what we call Beauments, love in the name of Beau.

I will say that as we approach this third year, the anniversary dates are important, but in no way are they harder or easier than any other day. Every day is hard, every day we miss him. But the body remembers, of course, and it’s impossible to walk around throughout the days of July 29th and 30th without bringing those memories back into a sharp, clear camera-roll of memories. Knowing that good is done in his honor this time of year, makes those memories just a little easier to replay. For those that have already donated this month: some I don’t know of, some I do, it means the world and we thank you so very much!

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