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On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day. A day that was created to celebrate mothers and all they do. A seemingly joyful day for all. But I know now that for many, it’s a day that is extremely complex, and above all, emotional. Happiness, sorrow, peace, fear, anger, love, appreciation, frustration….I know all of these emotions and more can be felt throughout the day on the second Sunday in May.

So, for those that:

Are full of joy on their first Mother’s Day with a new and healthy baby,

Are sitting in a NICU praying their baby will survive,

Are pregnant with an unwanted baby,

Have lost their mothers this year, ten years ago, 10 minutes ago,

Are caring for an ill child, or an ill mother,

Are hoping and praying for a baby, despite being told it will be difficult or impossible,

Are waiting for a phone call from an adoption agency,

Are deciding to put their baby up for adoption,

Are an adopted child thinking about their adoptive moms and biological mothers,

Care for a child that is not theirs biologically,

Are visiting their child or their mother in a cemetery,

Was abused by their mother,

Count their mother, or child, as their best friend,

Are estranged from their mother, or from their child,

Has recently (or not so recently) suffered a miscarriage, or multiple miscarriages,

Look at their healthy, happy children with awe and with thanks,

Are Momming on their own, without the support of a partner, or a partner that is far away,

Are step-moms, have wonderful, or not-so-wonderful step-moms,

Are in the trenches of new motherhood or chasing after toddlers all day,

Are a grandmother caring for her grandchildren,

Are missing their child desperately, for whatever reason,

Are mothering children with special needs,

Do not have biological children, but act as a mother-figure for others,

Are doggie Moms, kitty Moms, or other animal Moms,

Are in awe of Motherhood and the power it holds, for love or for pain,

Work tirelessly and endlessly to make sure their children are safe and happy,

And for anyone else who might experience any difficult or wonderful emotions on Mother’s Day, for any number of reasons:

I acknowledge you. And I send you love.

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